Hi there, we are Tyler and Allie. Our journey began in Colorado back in 2019  with a week-long camping trip in the Rockies. Starting our relationship out fast and dirty we quickly realized that we made a pretty great team and our adventure continued from there.

Since then, our shared spark for a vagabond lifestyle has taken us to three continents. We’ve traveled across the desert of Morocco by campervan, dove the reefs of Carribean sea, lived on an active volcano, surfed the pristine Pacific coast of Nicaragua, rock climbed canyons and mountains in Colorado, and we are just getting started. 

 Two nomadic souls with a thirst to explore the final frontiers and a desire to get out into the beautiful big backyard of the world. May this blog be a view from our shoes of a foreign world and a guide full of real life experiences and adventure. May it show you the raw salt that binds community wherever you go, and the sweetness in moments that invoke a sense of self.

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Diving On Little Corn Island

The Corn islands lie 70 miles of the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean sea. These two islands are both lined with unspoiled white sand beaches, tranquil turquoise blue waters, and surrounded by shallow fringing and patch reef systems. Dense tropical forests...

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